Centre for Legislative Research and Advocacy

An initiative to strengthen legislatures for good governance

Advisory Council

Prof. N.R. Madhava Menon is a distinguished academic and is noted for his role in shaping national legal education policies and curriculum. Prof. Menon set up the Bangalore based National Law School, which has since become the basis for mainstream legal education throughout India. Professor Menon has held a number of distinguished positions on Expert Committees and he was the first Director of the National Judicial Academy in Bhopal. He has authored several books and has contributed over a hundred research articles and seminar papers on a wide variety of legal and judicial topics. Prof. Menon was honoured by the International Bar Association with the Living Legend of Law Award in 1994, and, recognising his contribution to public services, the President of India honoured Professor Menon with Padma Shree in 2003. He is presently serving as a Member of the Commission on Centre-State Relations established by the Government of India in 2007.

Prof. Ajay Mehra currently holds Ford Foundation Chair in Dalit Studies in the Jamia Millia Islamia (a Central University), New Delhi. An expert commentator on institutions, governance and Indian politics, he has authored and co-authored several books and has also edited and contributed articles to various journals and collections. He has been consultant to the World Bank and SIDA and has traveled widely on academic assignments. He is also the Honorary Director of the Centre for Public Affairs, New Delhi, a forum for debate and research promoted by leading scholars and policy thinkers.


Vinod Bhanu, Executive Director of CLRA : He has been a consultant/advisor to several organisations. His expertise includes parliamentary affairs, legislative advocacy, parliamentary development work. Mr. Bhanu is incharge for all activities of the CLRA and also coordinates activities of the Indian Medical Parliamentarians' Forum and other parliamentary groups. His areas of interest include Parliamentary studies, governance and public policy research.

Dr. R. Sugathan, Senior Fellow : He holds PhD and Postdoctorate in Philosophy from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. He has been working with CLRA since november 2007 and coordinates research programmes at CLRA. Dr. Sugathan's areas of interest include development and public policy research.

Pallavi Nayek, Programme Officer - Research and Advocacy : Ms. Pallavi Nayek joined CLRA in March 2014. She has completed her Masters from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. Earlier she worked at the Supreme Court Commissioners Officers as Research Officer and National Coordinator-Action Research Project. She has also been nominated as a member in few joint review missions and inspections conducted along with Government of India. Her field of specialisation include policy analysis, and evaluation of the government flagship schemes.

Divya Sethi, Program Associate - Research and Advocacy : Ms. Divya Sethi joined CLRA in October, 2013. She is an M.Phil in History from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) and is currently pursuing her Ph. D in Historical Studies from JNU. Her research is on the first business-class of India, the "Mahajans" and impact of their economic status on their social lives. She has also researched on the VB Bill, 1951 which was actively debated in the then Parliament. Her interest lies in policies and governance and its impact on the social arena of people's lives and also, its demeanor on the development of our civilization as a whole.

Rashmi Dhandia, Programme Associate - Research and Advocacy : Ms. Rashmi Dhandia joined CLRA in February 2014. She has done her Masters in Political Science from Hindu College, Delhi University. Her areas of interest include international relations and political institutional studies.

Ms. Manjeet Kaur : She has joined CLRA in June 2010. She is graduated (BA-Hon's) from Delhi University. She is in charge of Administration and Account

Ms. Sushma Singh, Administrative Associate : Sushma joined CLRA in June 2010.She is graduated (BA-Pass) from Delhi University. She is assisting the Administration.

Mr. Mathew, Webmaster/Administrator : He has been working with CLRA since February 2009 as a webmaster and System administrator.

Mr. Dulat Singh Rawat : Office Assistant