Centre for Legislative Research and Advocacy

An initiative to strengthen legislatures for good governance

Research and Information Support (RIS)

RIS is to provide research and information support to Members of Parliament and Legislative bodies such as state assemblies and councils and also Parliamentary Parties. This is mostly being done in Parliament's business oriented manner and according to the functional requirements of the MPs. RIS aims to support and create a well-informed Parliament. CLRA also provides Constituency Service Support and Internship Service to MPs in order to help them carry out their responsibilities.

Legislative Advocacy

Legislative advocacy is being done in priority areas especially the social, economic and developmental sectors where new legislation or policy is needed or where existing laws require amendments. This enables civil society groups to take their issues and concerns to legislative spaces and to policy and decision makers. It also assists and influences the central and state governments in identifying priority areas. CLRA takes initiatives in association with legislators (MPs, MLAs, etc.) to form informed action groups and forums in areas of social sector, human rights, etc.

Parliament Watch

Parliament is the peoples' institution. People have a right to know what their legislatures do. There is also a need to monitor and analyze the proceedings and business of the Houses. This entails a watchdog mechanism to be promoted and developed by different sectors. To initiate and facilitate this, CLRA brings out Parliament Watch, a Session wise journal, which reports and reviews the entire business of the Houses pertaining to the social and developmental sectors in a Parliament Session. This would provide the public with information regarding the activities of the Parliament and their representatives in pursuing issues of concern to particular constituencies, civil society groups and to people in general.

Legislative Research

Legislative research is being done to initiate and conduct research to formulate solutions pertaining to problems of functioning of legislatures and specifically to address the issues of Parliament as an institution of governance. It intends to promote institutional practices and procedure related and system related reforms to carry out its functions more effectively and competently. CLRA undertakes research and studies related to all aspects of legislature including studies on legislative system, comparative legislature, and legislative behaviour.