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Working of the Indian Parliament

Parliamentary Seminar Series 2016

Overall Goal:

This seminar series is designed to review and assess the working of the Indian Parliament over six decades.

Brief Description:

Parliament – a representative institution in a democracy – plays a central role in our political systems. It has become the public face of political engagement as well as disengagement. Parliament is the highest law-making body, and it links the government to the people. The 21st Century brings new and myriad questions regarding its status, legitimacy, accountability, resilience, competency, authority, etc.

Over a period of six decades, the working of Indian Parliament demands a scrutiny – to assess its success and shortcomings. A critical analysis or study of Indian Parliament is a missing aspect of the legislative studies scholarship in India. It needs to be understood from different perspectives, and thereby bringing robust reform debates and convincing efforts to realize the reform proposals.

This Parliamentary Seminar Series aims to provide a platform to voice and initiate a debate and collectively arrive at constructive solutions. Bringing together renowned political scientists, scholars, parliamentarians, leaders, and policy practitioners, to this seminar series – is the first of its kind. It will attempt to answer the pertinent questions of parliamentary reforms.


  • Initiating a dialogue on the parliamentary reforms and suggest applicable measures.
  • Examine the institutional, operational and contextual working of Parliamentary institutions.
  • Channelising the debates to build and strengthen representative democracy institutions in India.
  • To promote and build a comparative legislative scholarship in parliamentary studies.


Parliamentary Seminar Series is a programme of the Centre for Legislative Research and Advocacy (CLRA) – a legislative think tank – based in New Delhi. CLRA proposes this seminar series to be held in collaboration with various national and international organizations including media and academic institutions. This brochure contains the broader and specific themes for the seminar, but the seminar will include a range of topical sub-themes as well.