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Parliamentarians Forum

Parliamentarians Forum can effectively function as an informed action group in the policy making process. As representatives of people and as policy and decision makers overseeing government functions, Parliamentarians are in a unique position to engage with policy making. Theme based Forums provide Parliamentarians, cutting across party lines, a common platform to come together and discuss the different views and concerns and engage with experts and civil society groups and consequently bring convergent knowledge to influence the policy making process. The Forum Secretariat can provide access to adequate information on issues and necessary assistance to carry out important parliamentary functions, which will greatly benefit the Members of Parliament.


  • To create a platform for MPs to exchange views and information with civil society groups and experts.
  • To provide assistance to Forum Members in raising issues and concerns in the Parliament.

Legislators' Group for Sustainable Development Goals (LG-SDGs)

LG-SDGs is the successor of Parliamentarians Group for MDGs (PG-MDGs) which was formed in 2008. LG-SDGs is a unique group of proactive MPs and MLAs in India.

The MDGs have been the overarching framework for shaping the development agenda across the countries, and MDGs have marked a real difference in people's lives. As the MDGs period comes to an end in 2015, and taking forward the commitments and achievements further, the new set of GOALs - Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - were adopted by the member countries of the United Nations on September 2015.

These Global Goals will guide the policy and development text of the countries for the next 15 years. It is more comprehensive as it will address a complex set of issues to end poverty, promote prosperity and well-being for all, protect the environment and address climate change.

In this context, In India, as a first initiative in the world, we transform the PG-MDGs into LG-SDGs, and expanding the activities to the local legislators as well. It is an opportunity for India to incorporate the lessons learnt from MDGs into sustainable development goals to build upon the unfinished MDGs agenda. And we reaffirm that the elected representatives are the important change agents and can promote and persuade the government/s to take actions to achieve the targets and Goals within 2030.

Mr. Harish Chandra Meena, MP is the Chairperson: Ms. Diya Kumari, MLA is the Vice-Chairperson and Mr. Ninong Ering, MP and Ms. Riti Pathak, MP, Rabindra Kumar Jena, MP are the Joint-Convenors of the LG-SDGs

The first publication of the PG-MDGs: Handbook for Parliamentarians on the MDGs in India, details the eight MDG goal areas, existing policy, and suggestions for future direction and strategy. The book suggests that progress against many indicators could be enhanced by a fresh conceptualization of existing policy. Vertical interventions are not an alternative to a life-cycle approach to health, nutrition, sanitation and education.

The book had received "messages" from both the then President and the Prime Minister.

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Water, Sanitation and Hygiene- Legislative Forum (WASH-LF):

WASH-LF is a unique legislative forum initiated by CLRA advocating the issue of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in India. . It strives to link the legislators to the common people in order to expedite the process of bringing about much needed change in the country. It aims to create an enabling environment by providing a platform to the MPs, MLAs and other local legislators across the country to discuss and deliberate on the best practices that can be implemented in their respective constituencies. It also endorses a model that advances India development initiatives throughout the country in an effective and sustainable manner.

WASH-LF was launched on 28 April 2015 along with the technical support from UNICEF India, K. Vishweshwar Reddy, MP is the Chairperson and Dushyant Chautala, MP and Rahul Kaswan, MP are the Joint-Conveners of WASH-LF.

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The Parliamentarian's Group for Children (PGC):

The PGC is a pioneering initiative taken by CLRA with the support of UNICEF India (http://unicef.in/OurPartners/Partner/4) to encourage Parliamentarians to advocate on behalf of the cause of child rights. CLRA creates a knowledge bank for MPs to access all kinds of child related knowledge and information which ensures an informed participation in policy making and make them champions of child rights in India.

The PGC was launched in August 2013 and Ms. Vandana Chavan, MP is the Convener of PGC.

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Indian Medical Parliamentarians Forum (IMPF):

CLRA took the initiative to form the Indian Medical Parliamentarians' Forum (IMPF) in 2006 and perform as a Secretariat and implementing organisation of IMPF. CLRA does a facilitative role in ensuring sustained work parameters, day to day functioning, and other responsibilities of the IMPF. The IMPF consists of 35 MPs from both Houses of Parliament who are medical practitioners belonging to both modern and indigenous systems of medicine.

Hon'ble Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare, is the Patron of the IMPF. Hon'ble Members of Parliament Dr. Kirit Premjibhai Solanki, and Dr. Heena Vijaykumar Gavit, are respectively the Chairperson and Convenor Secretary of IMPF.

Parliamentarians' Group on TB (PG-TB): This focused group on TB has been formed along the lines of of the UK All Parliamentary Party Group on TB. PG-TB will focus and continue the fight against TB and related issues.

IMPF Newsletters available in http://www.www.clraindia.org/Publications.php

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