Centre for Legislative Research and Advocacy

An initiative to strengthen legislatures for good governance


CLRA envisions true and vibrant representative parliamentary democratic institutions, thereby creating an answerable and responsive culture of governance.


CLRA aims at strengthening the parliamentary democratic institutions and processes of governance to achieve transparent and responsible democratic governance

Aims And Objectives

  • To initiate, promote and implement research, advocacy, capacity building and other related activities to enhance the representative, legislative and oversight functions of Parliamentary / Legislative Institutions in India and elsewhere.
  • To work towards promoting and enhancing the credibility and integrity of the electoral processes of the country.
  • To initiate and implement legislative advocacy and research on issues related to people and human development themes.
  • To engage and promote Parliamentary / Legislative studies and research.
  • To foster working collaboration between civil society groups and legislatures.
  • To provide support and assistance to political parties for promoting and enhancing representative, accountable, transparent and effective functioning.
  • To ensure budget processes more responsive to the needs of the people and more transparent and accountable to the public.
  • To work towards empowering people to participate in the policy making and implementation at different levels of governance.
  • To enable pre-legislative scrutiny of Bills for the public and the interest groups and to develop strategies to better the practice of public submission on Bills and policies.
  • To protect, promote and strengthen constitutionalism in the country.
  • To work towards bringing, changing and implementing policies and legislations to protect and promote the rights of the people.
  • To work towards establishing and strengthening ombudsman institutions in the country.
  • To undertake training and capacity building, by itself or in collaboration with other organizations or individuals, so as to improve the skills and knowledge of those working for social causes and public interest.
  • To promote legislative studies and research at university and other institutional levels.
  • To organize and conduct workshops, seminars and training for legislators, legislative staff, media and other civil society groups.
  • To work as a resource center that caters to the legislative and functional needs of parliamentarians.
  • To work towards forming and promoting parliamentary forums and knowledge groups.